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Full Version: [REQUEST] Acer Aspire 3680: CPU Upgrade
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Is it possible to install an CPU P4 to this notebook?

The bios will support it?

This is one of those really rare and lucky notebooks Tongue

forget pentium 4's mate , you can throw a Core 2 Duo T5300 in there with no issues , just make sure you have the latest Bios from Acer and your all set!! Big Grin

Should give you a rather nice performance boost Tongue

t5200 wasant work with my latest bios (blank screen )

I am using T7200 in my aspire 3680, and before I got a good deal I had T7600. It works fine if I overclock it with setfsb to 2.3 GHz. 

I ordered T7600 g with unlocked multipliers to increase speed even more. Is it possible for you guys to integrate fsb switch or multipliers switch into bios of aspire 3680? 

What is interesting also, this mother board is said to support 4 gb of ram but utilizes only 3 GB, is this bios issue or chip? I am using 64bit version of Windows.

Thank You for any help in advance.
Post screenshots of first (CPU) & third (Mainboard) tabs of CPU-Z with current CPU.
You can use ThrottleStop for overcloking T7600g.
Open Device Manager, click View at the top of the Device Manager window, click Resources by type, and then select Memory. This should give you an output similar to the picture shown below
[Image: MemoryMap_Enduro.jpg]
Resize such window to show all information. Make and post a screenshot of it.
Yes, I checked throttle, it is perfect. I was impressed by bios mod from this site to AMD Athlon 754 for MSI mainboard platform, never before did it had fsb changer, and by some professionals now it has, I am overclocking old system to huge extent too, just had a thought to inquire about such add-ons on my old acer.

Who couldn't say that it would be much better than each time setting overclocking settings from windows.. 

this is image you requested:

[Image: image.gif][attachment=15354]
Your laptop uses 945GM chipset with 32bit's PAE. So it can't address memory above 4GB.
In your laptop memory above 0xC0000000 address is used by internal devices. So only 3072 Mb are available. It can't be changed by any BIOS patches.
I am impressed DeathBringer, Thank You!

One more thing, will keeping 4 gb instead of 3 gb, so internal devices would have that extra gb,  could add to extra performance or it will be only a waste?
I see only one advantage: dual channel mode with 4 GB (2+2).
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