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Full Version: Sony VAIO VPCF13 Series & i7-9x0XM
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Hi guys,

I bought an I7-920xm processor for my Sony Vaio laptop but it doesn't boot up.  I know it may be an old subject since anything I search and find on this site is a couple years old but I thought it won't hurt trying to ask.

Everything I have read so far says the Sony BIOS from AMI doesn't allow the use of the extreme processors.  A couple threads on here mention that a custom bios can remove the limitations to use the extreme processor.

Any help or even point me in the direction of another thread to go through is greatly appreciated.

BIOS reads as follows


Also saw other people post the original BIOS from Sony

    Nick here, hoping you could help me out with with my laptop, but first I just want to take the time to say thanks. Thank you.

I have a Sony laptop (model VPC-F1390), Bios: AMI(American Mega trends???) version R0190Y9, and I wanted to upgrade the cpu and unlock the bios so I might be able to tweak it and get a few more years out of her. I bought her new and she has lasted me a long time, and with 3 kids I don't have the money to just buy another laptop so I decided to upgrade it. I installed a SSD, upgraded the ram to 8GB and purchased an I7-940XM. When I did this I didn't think I did it blindly even though I did. I researched compatibility and I figured if the chipset was compatibly I was good, but I am not. I have been doing some more research and found I need the bios modded to incorporate the microcode for the new cpu. FYI, when I installed the new CPU all I got was a blank screen, "what an upgrade" one of my boys said as they laughed at me. Please find attached is the report from CPUZ, the latest bios upgrade from sony, and the intel microcode.
Again, thank you and hope to hear from you. 

link for updated bios which has already been installed:

link to the microcode for the new cpu:
i7-940XM and i7-840QM use common microcode.
I think this laptop doesn't support CPU with TDP=55W because of hardware limits of power subsystem. On motherboard, not PSU.
I was wondering about that, but considering the difference in TDP was only a + delta 10 from the I7-840QQM I thought the PSU could handle it, I already made extra cooling visa vie an external fan connected to increased air flow, plus I was going to apply a decent thermal grease. Tell me what you think. Thanks.
Power subsystem is not cooling subsystem.
Dr. DeathBringer,
You are killing my dreams of being a junior modder/techqeek/hacker, lol,but your quick response has been greatly appreciated even though you're killin the dream. I guess I was really just hoping it could be done especially considering how some OCers are undervolting their processors to get better performance and becuase Intel doesn't differentiate between I7-920 - I7-720 in their data sheet on these processors max/min voltage operations I was/am hoping we could 'get her done'.( page 78, page 83.

Agian, thanks for listening to this neophile noob dreaming. Thanks for sharing you knowledge Doc.
Also, if their is something I could do to facilitate my reason for reaching out, such as learning different aspects of this endeavor so I could help in this and other projects that would be Fu**ing cool, I spend 35 hrs a week sorting boxes at UPS and would love the mental stimulation, plus I think it would be cool to have this as a hobby, I hope that isn't presumptuous .

Is this what you're talking about, sort of???
(11-06-2018, 11:57 PM)DeathBringer Wrote: [ -> ]No.

Ok Death,
               Another oversight on my side, I cant believe I didn't compare my microcode to the I7-940, which is the same download from intel, but what if the bios was unlocked too increase voltage which would increase watts if amps stay the same???
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