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Full Version: Cthim P67-G Ivy bridge upgrade
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Hello guru,
The support for Cthim P67-G mainboard is no longer exist. My Ivy bridge cpu  dosn't work on it. It's  a E3 ES version s-spec qb5u. Can you help to add the microcode in it? I have the stock bios attached.
Post a screenshot of third (Mainboard) tab of CPU-Z with supported CPU.
Explain exactly what happens when you try to boot with your ES CPU.
I don't have a cpu workable on the board handy. What I can do is point you a link of an encyclopedia about it. It saids this board supports SNB cpu.
When power is on, the board power light on , memory lights on, but screen is in dark.
In fact, all the mainboard with P67 chipset only support SNB cpu at first. after upgrading bios later on, they support Ivy bridge cpu as high as 3770k. However, this brand didn't make it wheb Ivy bridge cpu released. Then there will be no bios to upgrade to 22nm Ivy bridge.
(11-14-2018, 09:47 AM)sean_han Wrote: [ -> ]I don't have a cpu workable on the board handy.
In this case make a dump of current BIOS with a hardware programmer.
I add little more cost to switch to an Ivy bridge ready mainboard instead. Thank you.