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Full Version: Dell Optiplex 390 & i7-2600
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Hello everyone, 

i would like to know if it is possibile to read a bios and know the microcodes in it to be sure that it support a cpu.

To be more specific, this is the latest bios i have installed:

it is the a14 version.

I successfully upgraded to an i5 2400 last year, now i would like to know if with this update is it possibile to install an i7 2600!

I read the other topic where it is said that optiplex 390 has a 4mb bios, so no ivy brigde, but i7 2600 is a sandy, so before wasting money, please teach me how to read inside a bios.

Thanks, Manuél
Current BIOS has support for all CPUs with Sandy Bridge core and LGA1155.
really? this is a great news. this means all the cpu i see listed here are in this bios?

i'm really happy about it.

now, please, can you teach me how to do it myself next time? there's a guide?
I'm not a tutor.
of course, i meant a link for a guide or at least something to start with.

anyway thanks for the precious help!