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Full Version: Dell Inspiron One 19 Upgrade CPU from E7500 to LGA771 Xeon L5420
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I've Dell Inspiron One 19, all in one pc, currently running Core 2 Duo E7500 (TDP: 65W) chipset G41, 
i plan to upgrade it to xeon L5420 (TDP 50W), Xeon cpu is pin modded by seller to fit into LGA775.
I need a modded bios to run this xeon.

This is the latest bios from dell version A06:

following this link:

using hex editor, i replace:
cpu10677_plat10_ver00000705_2008-04-28_PRD_A6DB99DD.bin to cpu0001067a_plat00000044_ver00000a0b_date20100928.bin

then flash with WinRBU.exe from windows 10, the pc restart and blink for a second, then black screen for long time.
i then restart the pc and it's complaining about fail to upgrade bios failed crc.

screenshot from cpuz
Did you restore original BIOS?
i think bios upgrade failed with crc error, it boot fine to windows, so i don't restore the bios.
Reflash original BIOS.
Make DOS USB-stick (e.g, by Rufus), download and unzip all files for the modded version of CHECKUP7 to this DOS USB-stick.
Install your L5420, boot from this DOS USB-stick and make a photo of the screen with results.
Reboot, make & post screenshot of regedit with expanded key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\DESCRIPTION\System\CentralProcessor\0
Hi DeathBringer, thanks for helping me out on this. Original bios is now flashed, feel lucky the mobo is not bricked  Smile
I am waiting for L5420 to arrive, estimation is 1 week.
Once arrived, i'll come back and post the result of checkup7 and regedit.
Finally cpu arrived

screenshot of regedit:

result of checkup7.exe

|     Processor Update Utility for Intel(R) P6 and Intel NetBurst(R)    |
|     Microarchitecture Family of Microprocessors                       |
|     Version 7.14, 09/23/2005, Production                              |
|     Copyright 1995-2004, Intel Corporation.                           |
The system BIOS supports the microcode update API.
Searching database file for Processor Signature=0001067A  Platform ID=40
Attempting to permanently install the microcode update(s) in your system BIOS.

Checking microcode update for processor signature 1067A and platform ID 40:
   BIOS contains no processor microcode update
   Database  microcode update revision = A0B
This utility can load a newer microcode update into the BIOS.
The microcode update was successfully loaded permanently into the BIOS.
You do not need to run this utility again, unless a new
processor is installed or a new version of the utility is used.
i later check the bios and it says L5420, then reinstall windows, and the new processor is detected by windows 10, it feel fast now with 4 cores Big Grin


Thank you DeathBringer