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Full Version: MacPro5,1 X5687/X5698 CPU support
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Hello Smile

I was wondering if anyone here knows how to add X5687/X5698 CPU support to the MacPro5,1 Macintosh Computer?

I know its not a microcode issue, as not only does the latest EFI for the MP5,1 contain the latest Westmere microcode pretty much all LGA1366 CPUs work in the MacPro5,1 computer, apart from the X5687/98, if you install an X5687/98 into a MacPro5,1 the system will not POST

as such. I suspect it may be a multiplier issue like the one that prevented the X5698 from working at full speed in the EVGA SR2, so i wonder if it could be patched the same?

sadly I dont own an X5687 or X5698 myself but I know some people who do and im asking on behalf of the Mac Pro community on the Mac Rumors forum

here is a CPU-Z validation of my MacPro5,1 system with Dual X5677 CPUs

and attached is an EFI Update file for the MP5,1 system (it is a complete BIOS/EFI however its missing machine specific things like serial numbers)