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Full Version: asus x55vd cpu upgrade to i7 3632qm
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I think is possible, CPU core i7 3610QM have max TDP 36W in turbo mode, motherboard X55VD is optimalised for 45 TDP (high clocked core i3 with turbo mode)
On board is intel HM76, is fully compatibile with all 3rd renerations CPUs, but asus wtite on site only core i3
thanks for help Smile
hi everyone
i tried to upgrade but laptop doesn't boot just black screen. i think problem is bios anyone knowing something about this problem
if bios block to new cpu what i need to do ? 
i tried i3 3120m to i7 3632qm same tdp
Post screenshots of first (CPU) & third (Mainboard) tabs of CPU-Z with supported CPU.
Tell sSpec of your i7-3632QM.
sSpec is 2L312028A 3684 SR0V0 CPU and your screenshot
Try to flash this mod.
(11-29-2018, 11:22 AM)DeathBringer Wrote: [ -> ]Try to flash this mod.

write a usb and go  bios ezflash thing  just like bios update right?
Try it.
nothing happened. in ezflash only 0. dır was writing  and there is no bios name appear
Try to use AFUDOS.
1. Make DOS USB-stick (e.g, by Rufus).
2. Download AMI Flash Utilities
3. Extract and copy files from amiflash\Aptio\afudos\\AfuDos\ to USB stick with native DOS
4. Copy X55VD409.ROM (my mod) to this USB-stick
5. Boot from bootable USB stick with native DOS
6. Run
afudos X55VD409.ROM /gan
i have done what u say step by step. i re-programmed the usb in rufus by selecting freedos after that copied files from amiflash as you say.i copied the file you prepared into usb
i restarted the computer and chose usb as a priority disk but nothing happened and my computer opened normally.
what can be wrong? what do you mean with the last sentences under step 6? should my files be like that in booted usb ? i know so much questions but i need help
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