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Full Version: [REQUEST] ASUS Z370I Strix with 7700k
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Is it possible to mod the bios of the ASUS Z370I Strix to support the I7-7700k?

If so could you please point me in the right direction?

I've bought two of the Z270I Strix boards and both had failures of 1 DIMM slot and were RMA`d, I want to replace it with the 370I as I`ve not seen this issue floating around the forums and I don`t want to buy an 8700k JUST to have 2 DIMMS working. For reference, both DIMMs worked initially, it`s a recognized hardware fault from ASUS, I`ve tried multiple BIOS versions and cleaned the ever living heckĀ out of the whole mobo.

I would love to just get a Z370I strix, mod the bios and use my 7700k with both DIMMs..
It probably already support the 7700K CPU even though it's not in support list, I checked and the 906E9 microcode is there still (they would remove if they wanted to remove compatibility). I also checked vBIOS (orom/legacy) is still SKL-KBL, only the UEFI vBIOS GOP is SKL-CFL

So I think it would be working fine, possibly only in Non-UEFI / Non-Secure boot mode, CSM enabled or at least legacy graphic rom enabled instead of EFI.

All just my guess, but it's an educated look at the BIOS Big Grin
You need to downgrade ME firmware to 11.6.x.x version.
So if I just don't update anything from out of the box the ME firmware should be good to go.
No, original BIOS hasn't compatible with Kaby Lake ME firmware.
First release BIOS (0404) has version.
:/ so in order to boot into the bios to change it i would need a compatible cpu anyways..
You can't downgrade ME firmware without a hardware programmer.
And where would one obtain a hardware programmer?
It can be done without hardware programmer, a few ways, but you need compatible CPU to run the system with in order to downgrade the ME.
You could purchase cheap Coffee Celeron.

If you want a hardware flash programmer they can be found at places like Amazon or computer shops like Newegg etc. Or ebay, on ebay CH341A flash programmer costs only $2.50 but it can take 3-5 weeks to arrive, unless you can find seller close to you or that offers faster shipping options (both cost more $$). Cheaper kits can sometimes be found at a closer location too, like EZP2010 or EZP2013

Thanks for the ME version required info DeathBringer!