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Full Version: [REQUEST] Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 (9365) BIOS Unlock
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Hello I am looking for help unlocking the advanced menus and options on a Dell XPS 13 9365. I am in belief this is a Phoenix BIOS similar to other Dell models and probably unlockable but am not sure as I have never seen a touch based BIOS Setup on a Dell machine before this one.

I would like to unlock advanced options such as power management settings (Intel DPTF and TDP related settings in particular) and anything else possible.

-Motherboard Manufacture and Model: Dell System XPS 13 9365
-Bios: Phoenix SecureCore Tiano
-Bios Revision: 2.2.0
-Bios SLIC: Dell
-Bios Link: Update .exe - Dumped BIOS region