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Full Version: [Request] i7 920xm asus b53j
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I want to upgrade to this processor an Asus b53j but the motherboard doesn't have the microcode for it. It is with qm57 chipset which supports the cpu. I found that Lenovo w510 works with this processor and it is with the same chipset.
Asus bios:
Lenovo bios:
Currently i am running i3 370m
Updating microcode will not help.
What would help then, as far as i know the chipset does support the cpu, there are other laptops with same cpu and i think the problem is only the bios?
Nothing can help to add support for CPU with TDP=45W.
So it will overheat? I can improve the cooling, the laptop will stay om the desk so the heat will not be the issue. I just need the bios to boot with this processor
This laptop can't work with TDP=45W because of hardware limits of power subsystem. On motherboard, not PS.
Nevertheless i want to try, i have sime experience with power supplies so may be i will come up with a solution for this. It is for experiment it does not have to be pretty or to work 100% stable on 100% load. So please if you just can make me the bios i want to try and see what will happen
Current BIOS already has suitable microcode for i7-920XM.
Well it just doesnt boot screen keeps flashing like is trying to boot but when it has to show the screen it resets and does this again and again
Ok after some trials and errors and research i find out that it is impossible to run quad core processors on this machine. The main reason is that Clarksfield procesors don't have integrated GPU. This GPU is crucial because most of the machines with qm57 chipset have only the integrated gpu connected to the screen and video outputs. Some more expensive models have hardware MUX and can use solely the dedicated GPU but most rely in software solutions to use the dedicated GPU when more power is needed. So unless the manufacture specifications says that the model can support quad core it is impossible to run Clarkfield. Best CPUs on Arrendale are i7 620m or i7 640 which can be run on those machines. Many thanks to DeathBringer