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Full Version: [REQUEST] Microcode Update for HP Board Willow 2
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Hi All, 

I have a HP Pavilion 570-p044a Desktop PC currently running a AMD A12-9800 CPU.  I am keen to upgrade to a Ryzen CPU but when installed, nothing happens, fans spin up but the screen stays blank.  It appears the bios only supports 3 AMD APU's, with the A12-9800 being the highest. 

I have updated bios's before, adding microcode to support Xeon CPU's in LGA775 systems etc.  But I can not figure out how to make this happen with HP/AMD.  Is it even possible? 

PC Details:

Motherboard Details:

The current BIOS is attached. [attachment=15746]

Photos from CPU-Z/CPUID [attachment=15747][attachment=15748]

It looks like this HP Mainboard (Sunflower) has the same Chipset: AMD Promontory FCH

And supports the same CPUs as mine PLUS Ryzen:

Thanks in advance for your help.