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Full Version: Help with upgrading Dell Vostro 200 to Xeon X5272
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Hello all, I'm new to this so I'm really inexperienced. I have an old Dell Vostro 200 at home (currently with Core2 Duo E8400) that I want to upgrade to a dual core Xeon X5272 so that it can run as a 64 bit system. Can someone guide me through modding the bios and installing the modded bios on the computer? Thanks!

Bios Link:
Tell sSpec of your Xeon X5272.
Explain exactly what happens when you try to boot with your Xeon.
Post a screenshot of third (Mainboard) tab of CPU-Z with supported CPU.
sSpec: SLANH

When I try to boot with the Xeon, the system fans remain on high and the system beeps repeatedly beeppausebeeppausebeep... ,which apparently indicates Motherboard failure. It booted fine when I put the C2D back in.
It's attached to this post.
Your motherboard is based on G33 without support for FSB=1600 Mhz.
So you can't use your Xeon X5272 with this motherboard.
Thanks. I guess I didn't do my research well enough on this. Do you think that there would be any problem with an X5260 or X5270 with 1333MHz FSB?
I think it's senseless. Your current E8400 is almost the same with Xeon E5240.
BTW: E8400 supports "64 bit system".
I've been an idiot this whole time Big Grin  I just assumed that because it was running 32 bit Windows that the C2D wasn't 64-bit capable. Thank you so much for all of your help!