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Full Version: Asrock A300M non APU support
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I want use the the recently released asrock A300M mSTX motherboard for a SFF project and I want to use an R5 2600 and RX Vega 56 (connected with an m.2 to PCIe riser). The board does not post, no power LED/no cpu detected, with my 2600 installed but work just fine with a 200ge that I bought to troubleshoot, also the gpu works as well with the riser in an M.2 slot.

I would like to have support for the 2600 (and all of the ryzen CPU if possible, because why not) and unlocking the multiplier would be nice but isn't a necessity.

Would it be possible to flash an asrock a320 or b350 BIOS to this board, to add the wanted support with a modded bios?

A300M BIOS 3.20

Potential B350 BIOS
Potential A320 BIOS

I need your help as Asrock has been reluctant to even reply to me asking if there is even a possibility for them to do this. I'm new so sorry for any dumb questions.

Here is my build on the SFF forum.
Did you test a simple microcode insertion yet? that may be all you need

If you want to crossflash the board needs to be an exact or very similar match to your board, and then a heavy BIOS mod will be needed which without a programmer I am unsure how to help you get flashed in on AMD (On Intel it's easy with FPT) I don't think there is a new enough AFU to try flashing in a crossflash without a flash programmer in hand and then if you had one of those no need for AFU anyway.

My advice is to get a flash programmer (CH341A) and if BIOS soldered to board get SOIC8 test clip cable, both around $2.50 each on ebay.

Never mind, I checked BIOS, R5-2600 microcode (800F82) is already there, first in the list and updated to the latest version

DeathBringer may be able to better advise you on the CPU compatibility issue. Are you certain that 2600 CPU is functional?
I have not tried a microcode insertion, I wasn't sure if that would work, I read somewhere that adding CPU support was more complicated than that, but it really isnt "adding" support it more like white listing the SKUs? Also I am pretty new at this, so what tools do I need and where do I go about getting the microcode for the ryzen cpus?
Sorry I left that thought/question there, no need, the microcode for the CPU you are trying to use is already in this BIOS.
And yes, sometimes it's more complicated than that, other times it's just that easy, which is why I mentioned that before even downloading the BIOS you linked.

Nothing to do now except wait and see if someone else can tell you why it's not working, microcode is already in there.
I have not been able to test my 2600 as I dont have another am4 platform, but I've called around to some local retailers that said the may be able to test it for me. If it is just a bad cpu that would be a relief and extremely frustrating at the same time.
Took my 2600 to frys and it posts in an x470 board. Not a dead cpu, so it is something with the A300M board or bios.
Good you know the CPU is OK now at least. Some other reason it's not working, other than microcode, sorry I am not sure on further things to check for AMD on this.

Maybe DeathBringer will be able to further help you figure this out.
Adding microcode doesn't add support for new CPUs.
Then what would need to be done?
I know it doesn't always add CPU support, but sometimes can make them work so best to start there usually.

Anything you can do to help DeathBringer, anything he can show you to check maybe why it's not working?
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