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Full Version: Request - Bios mod for Asus Q370M-C/CSM
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Hi All, Asus support indicates there is not yet a bios revision for the 9000 series intel processors on this board, namely the i9 9900k. If anyone would be willing to help me accomplish this I would be extremely grateful.

Here is the mobo page:

Here is the latest bios file from the asus site:

Possible donors:

board -
bios -

board -
bios -

I am sorry I do not have the following, but I do not see how to retrieve them with the system not posting. I have a i3 8100 on order for flashing but it will not arrive until Saturday.

-screenshot from aida64>motherboard>cpuid
-CPU spec code

Thanks for any help in advance. It is truly appreciated.
Did you tried to boot with "9000 series intel processors"?
This doesn't sound good >> ASUS smart recovering BIOS << Reminds me of HP Sure Start, which you cannot modify at all or it auto-recovers BIOS from some unknown source (not secondary BIOS chip either)

Do you have flash programmer (Like CH341A) and U type flat chip extractor? If not, you will need to pinmod the board probably, usually you need to re-write the FD region of BIOS which is locked out from writing by other means (other than pinmod to unlock FD, then re-write unlocked one), or with flash programmer.

There is no USB Flashback, so your only way to flash mod BIOS will be programmer or FPT (which you need to provide a FPT dump from first to be edited, you can't FPT flash in stock edited BIOS or you'll loose NVRAM, serial, UUID etc)

Yes, As DeathBringer mentioned, test first! Microcode is already there in latest BIOS you linked, so may be working already.
Good news that the microcode is there in the latest bios, EvenĀ ASUS support said it was not, shows you what outsourced tech support gets you. The board shipped with bios 0403 so right now it's a no post. As soon as I get the i3 in I'll update it. Fingers crossed!
Motherboard PRIME Q370M-C and your PRIME Q370M-C/CSM use the same BIOS.
Look at this -
I only checked the 1404 BIOS you linked initially, I just checked the 0403 BIOS since that's what's in there now and it does not have 906EC microcode. Good sign above, I bet it will work once you can update to 1404 BIOS (Or the non-CSM 803)