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Full Version: Samsung RC520-S02-SATA 3 enable option in BIOS
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I want enable sata 3 mode in bios,but there is no this function.
Processor:Intel Core i5 2nd Gen - 2410M (2nd Gen)
Chipset:Intel HM65 Express

If i use native sata ahci driver windows 7,sata 3 works and speed about 500mbs

(Windows 7 with Standart AHCI 1.0 Driver)
If i use Intel Mobile Express Driver then it limits the speed to sata2
(Windows 10 with intel mobile express):
But when i use Standart windows 10 sata driver,read speed about 500mbs,but write speed is very slow(no more than 100mbs):
For this reason, I can't install Windows 10, because the speed is slow
I think if you enable this option in the BIOS, then the problem will go away. But in Bios there is no this function.
In the hidden menu(CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+F4) it is also not.

UEFI BIOS from official site:


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