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Full Version: Request for asus p5gc-vm
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hello, I have a motherboard asus p5gc-vm with the 945GC chipset, and I'm finding out if you can place a core 2 quad Q6700
Reading I found some forums saying that some boards with that chipset managed to work with the quad cores. But by putting the microcode to my BIOS together with the c2q, the board does not give an image. By putting an E5400 pentium it works without problems.
In addition the motherboard supports FSB 1066mhz
I add cpu z of the pentium and the motherboard
I think I put the microcode wrong Sad
Current BIOS already has suitable microcode.
Show me a prove for "some boards with that chipset managed to work with the quad cores".
The Intel 945GC chipset was never designed to support quad core CPUs, nor was it designed to support CPUs with an FSB greater than 800 MHz. It was primarily intended for some of the last Pentium 4 CPUs and early low budget Core 2 Duo and Celeron CPUs like the E1000-E4000 series. Intel did add 1066 MHz FSB support in very late revisions of this chip, but it was an 800 MHz part for the majority of its life.

Though that being said, it didn't stop some manufacturers like Asus forcing the chipset to do things it was never intended to. They did some trickery in the firmware to overclock the chipset to support 1066 MHz CPUs. The P5GC-MX/1333 did even more trickery to get 1333 MHz CPU support, but it never worked properly. Speed Step didn't work most of the time and some instruction sets were missing. I had several of these boards in the past and they were really awful when trying to run 1333 MHz parts due to instability and memory speeds being capped at 533/667 MHz.

I have only seen one unverified report of running a Q6600 on a 945GC board, but I wouldn't trust it.

The best CPU you could likely get to work is an E7600, which runs at 3.07 GHz with a 1066 MHz bus. It's a Wolfdale core with half the L2 cache, 3 MB instead of 6 MB. This has a high probability of working since the E5400 you have works, which is just a further binned Wolfdale with only 2 MB of cache. Just be aware that speed step may not work properly.