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Full Version: Supermicro x11dpg-qt bios mod
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I inserted a CPU microcode patch of CPUID 50652 (b0) to the latest BIOS , after updating the bios using the modded rom, the system no longer works.
When I try to restore the pre backed up bios file (through ipmi) I receive message "couldn't find FID String" then it doesn't allow the flashing.

Any suggestions on how to fix the server? (Official bios 2.1 that supports the CPU is not found for download)
Adding microcode doesn't add support for new CPUs.
I extracted a patch from older supported bios, and inserted it to the newer bios, the mistake most probably was that I didn't preserve ME when flashed with the modded rom.
I still have to do some reverse engineering to see if there any checks for the stepping (although I doubt it)
My problem now is not to add support anyway, but to find the original older Bios build that used to support it .
You can ask Tech Support for the older 2.1 BIOS. If you know the actual BIOS name (Since their BIOS names never match with model name) let me know maybe I can find it. For example, latest BIOS is 3.1, but file name is << If you know that file name for 2.1 maybe I can find for you.
Unfortunately I don't know the build number cause that was the one on the board and I didn't ever download it.

But sharing any old BIOS of X11DPG9 you have will be really appreciated, yes 523 is 3.1, I remember 321 was 3.0c anything below this is most probably 2.1 or 2.0a/b/c
R 2.0 -
R 2.0b - or
R 2.1 - -
R 3.0a -
R 3.0c -
R 3.1 -
Managed to fix it (got the bios).
Now starting over what I was doing Smile
Flash the modded bios with preserving ME also failed!

Any ideas why what I did failed? I'm disassembling the Csm module to check, suggestions from experts in adding new CPU to bios file help.
Thank you very much .. appreciate it
Nice find DeathBringer!

Best to do this with programmer probably, so what you want on chip is what gets put on chip
I found nothing by disassembling Csm or any other modules I suspected! I believe Supermicro doesn't make stepping checks and blocking CPUs... as far as I noticed, they just drop it away when it's dropped from Intel's microcode update, and hence, i expected extracting it from an older supporting bios rom file and inserting it to the newer rom that doesn't support it should work! Any advises here?
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