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Full Version: Possible I7 in a S20 MOBO
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Hello to all Big Grin , I am somewhat new to bios modding so I'm sorry if I make any mistake while asking this question.  So I have a Lenovo S20 with a 71Y8820 mobo and I heard, in theory, that it would be possible for upgrading the Xeon Processor to a Core i7. However I am aware that the bios does not support the CPU so it would not work. So my question is, would it be possible in using the processor through modding the bios or is there just overall a missing important component for that type of CPU to run in the computer. 
I have also checked the Socket Type and can verify the i7 could fit in my computer and that the TDW won't burn out the PSU.

Thank you for any help given. Smile