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Full Version: hp 1000-1110LA with intel celeron processor to change for a corei7
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good afternoon companions, greetings from mexico, my name Rafael, looking for information on google about bios, I came to this page, I have an hp 1000-1110LA Intel Celeron Dual-Core laptop, which with its own processor (celeron) works very well , I have changed the processor for a corei7 to 2 ghz but after 30 minutes it turns off, I have cleaned the region of the bios, but it still turns off after 30 minutes, My question is, will it be that you have to edit the bios, someone Could you advise me. I would appreciate your comments, thank you.

I leave the original backup bin file
Your laptop is based on HM70 chipset. This chipset has well known problem and can't run i3/i5/i7 more then 30 minutes.
It can't be solved by BIOS patch. Only hub replacing will help. Or you can replace whole motherboard to new one with HM75, HM76 or HM77.
Another solution: put your laptop to sleep state every 25-29 min. This reset a timer. You can use Task Scheduler to do it.