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Full Version: X55vd rev 2.2 motherboard cpu upgrade
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Sir may i know this asus x55vd rev 2.2 motherboard bios supports i7 3630 or i7 3632 cpu upgrade. Currently i has 2020m cpu that is 3gen Pentium dual core processor. I have attached two bios  versions of the motherboard. Chipset hm76.
Post screenshots of first (CPU) & third (Mainboard) tabs of CPU-Z with supported CPU.
Sir my motherboard x55vd REV2.2 was failed. So i want to replace my motherboard. Hence when i am going to replace my motherboard, i have a plan to change my cpu for upgrade also. That's what i asked whether my motherboard bios support i7 cpu upgrade (i7 3630 or i7 3632 processor) or not. I want to know before purchasing new motherboard and compatible new said i7 cpu. Due to my motherboard failure i cannot post screenshots of first (CPU) & third (Mainboard) tabs of CPU-Z with supported CPU(3gen cpu2020m). So i attached my motherboard manufacturer (asus) bios to you. I need to know whether this attached bios program can support i7 cpu upgrade or not. I asked in aliexpress, many sellers are telling it will not support i7 cpu upgrade. But some sellers are telling it will support i7 cpu upgrade. So i don't know how to check so i posted this forum also i saw same motherboard not supporting i7 3632qm. So i want the confirmation,( bios is the problem i checked all details in net to upgrade cpu) bios will support or not i7. Please let me know because in this forum i know experts will be there who able to read and understand bios program and tell whether attached bios supports i7 cpu upgrade or not. If any other details you want ask me if i know it will reply. Thanking you
Only real experiment can help.
I have put  I7 3840QM ON MY ASUS X55VD