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Full Version: Microcode Update for HP Compaq DC7900 (786G1) to support Q6600 (4 cores in general)
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Hello, dear community.
Not a while ago I stumbled upon on a peculiar problem with my DC7900 USDT. Against all odds and specification from HP, I have managed to upgrade my Dual core E8400 cpu to a Quad Core Q6600. The pc is working flawlessly and there is a really noticable boost performance after the upgrade.
However there is a little hiccup, every time I restart the pc or Power it ON a warning error 1801 Microcode Update Error pops up and the pc does not boot till I push the F1 Button. It is really annoying and frustrating. So here is my question: 
Is there anyway to update the bios with the latest  QUAD CORE Microcodes, because I am already using the latest produced bios from HP and I even updated the firmware and microcodes for my pc from their support page, but it does not seems to affect in anyway the presented problem. I am starting to wonder, that maybe HP excluded these quad core microcodes from their USDT models on purpose. So you are my last hope to help me solve this problem and to achieve one really great success on 4 core upgrades to DC7900 USDT, an upgrade which was impossilble till now.
Here I apply link to their latest bios and other useful screenshots of my system.

1. Original DC7900 USDT BIOS:
2. Microcode for HP 786G and 786H8 Bios Family:

Try to use my mod
@DeathBringer, brother You Are a PURE MAGICIAN! Heart
Your modification works as Smoothly and Efficient as it can be! Idea Cool
Now the cpu is updated with probably the best and the latest quad core cpu microcodes and the annoying and frustrating problem with the 1801 error code IS GONE!
The PC boots fast and flawlessly as it booted before with the dual core, only now QUADRO POWERED and Performance Boosted, thanks to you.
Can not thank you enough for the service you do for this community, priceless modifications you create here and the fast response you took to the users in need. You are truely vital and unexpendable member to this forum and I wish you to keep up with the incredible work and the gold standards you set! Thank you again for the fast and effortless mode.

P.S I even BSEL Moded The Q6600 and now it's even faster, turboing to 3Ghz with an FSB of 1333 mhz!
Here I am applying some screenshots of the system and AIDA64 for evidence and for future reference
for those who want to break the limits of DC7900 USDT!
P.S 2 Impossible is Nothing!