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Full Version: Asus P8Z77M Xeon E3-1230 V2 Problem
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I'm currently have a system running on Intel G620 with Asus P8Z77M motherboard and I'm trying to upgrade the processor to Xeon E3-1230 V2.

The problem that I have encounter is that after installing the Xeon processor my motherboard is giving 6 beep code indicating the A20 keyboard error.

The BIOS that I have use is the latest version that support the processor, do you have any idea what is wrong with it ? Is it that I have a faulty CPU because putting back the G620 every is running fine.

The seller of the processor said it's my motherboard that is having the issue can that be the case ?

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Post screenshots of first (CPU) & third (Mainboard) tabs of CPU-Z with supported CPU.
CPU Z INFO[Image: 598020a6af19030a2108849640e42722.jpg]

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What's your graphics card?
I'm having AMD RX 580 4GB[Image: e7509d7ebdb8aeafe9ef46e4e19c8d3b.jpg]

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1. Enter in BIOS
2. Do Load Optimized Defaults, then Save Changes & Reset
3. Enter in BIOS again
4. Set Primary Display to PCIE
5. Set Internal Graphics to Disabled
6. Do Save Changes & Reset
7. Power off system
8. Install your Xeon and try to boot.
After following your instruction this is what I get.[Image: ec1683bd4b6be8726b6a51e2d9d1dff1.jpg]

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With Xeon?
Yes, I can't understand why either !?
Now I have disable the onboard bios ide and sata, the motherboard giving 6 beep warning tone and not showing anything on screen.

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After entering bios the screen will freeze and can't adjust anything in the bios[Image: c46b8c301971b944151d8f116c8bbe0d.jpg]

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