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Full Version: Intel Dg31pr Microcodes for Xeon E5450
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I was having issues with the xeon E5450 and didn't hope for much from using Deathbringer's modded version of checkup7 since in the readme it made no mention of the cpuid of 1067A or the E0 stepping SLBBM, however, it worked great even while not having the exact microcodes for the processor, which now say the xeon in the motherboard is the X5450. However, the temp is still running high, at about 77c, about 5c less than before, but almost all other aspects are fine. Would it be possible to include the microcodes for the e5450 into this program, or the original one to include the following:

  • cpu1067A_plat44_ver00000A0E_2015-07-29_PRD_A3107D75

  • cpu1067A_platB1_ver00000A0E_2015-07-29_PRD_59BF808E