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Full Version: [REQUEST] Dell Inspiron 5675 CPU upgrade to Ryzen 3600
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Hi everyone,

On Dell Inspiron 5675 and I would like to change the cpu to Ryzen 3600, but unfortunately current BIOS doesn't support it.

Will somebody able to unlock this feature so it would be possible to upgrade CPU?
is there any way of modding it or doing whatever it takes to make it work ?

As I read somewhere "Microcode" also exists, but couldn't find it anywhere.
Any suggestion will be useful, Thank you in advance.
Your model is DELL Inspiron MAX 5675
This model comes with an X370 motherboard that allows you to upgrade your chosen AMD Ryzen 5 3600.
In order for you to be able to insert this processor, you need to add microcode. Only then can you produce the model without any problems.

In order for me to be able to modify the BIOS, you need a dump.

Do you have a programmer?

Please write here the full model of your computer
I just purchased this: on the basis of recommendations in the thread here and should be able to get a dump sometime in the next couple weeks. Am I correct in saying the connections go chip > clip >1.8v adapter >USB adapter > computer?