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Full Version: laptop cpu upgrade Aorus 15 X9
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Hi i have an Aorus 15 X9 with a i7-8750H as CPU and Intel HM370 as Chipset. Yeah, i know , its soldered, its's not an easy game. I don't want to do this by my hands, i want to buy or contract a service from a specialized technical service to do this. But code problems appears in the way... i need to put cpuid 906ed microcode in the bios, how can i do that and unlock the multipliers of the bios? according to platomav's MC Extractor it is the same platform. i used/looked aorus 15 x9 bios and aorus 15 xa bios, both computers are very similar one is the upgrade from the other. The i7-9750h its the diference between them. Someone can give me a hand to not brick my computer in the bios upgrade?

Requirements for request:
-bios link: Aorus 15 xa laptop bios
            Aorus 15 X9 laptop bios