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Full Version: HP PRO 3500 G2 MT
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HI , i have a HP pro 3500 G2 with celeron G1620 , and i would like use 2500k , but bios write  " unsuported CPU installed , can you help me ? becouse i cant find bios update . 
Mainboard : HP  22F8   3.30
Bios : AMI 80.03 ( 05/05/2014)
Post a screenshot of third (Mainboard) tab of CPU-Z.
And post a photo of the screen with unsuported CPU installed message.
Hi , here it is , thanks
Zip and attach original unmoded BIOS.
here its
Have you official BIOS or this current dump only?
1. Download Intel ME System Tools v8 and unpack it.
2. Go to Intel ME System Tools v8 r3\Flash Programming Tool\Windows64 and run in command line with administrative rights:
fptw64 -a 0x480000 -l 0x2A0000 -d dxe.bin
Make a screenshot of result.
3. Give me file dxe.bin in zip
I cant start it , it close after pressing any key, a get error text file , that bios is backup from machine ,
Come back when you learn to work at the command line.