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Full Version: Asus P5QL SE
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Intel LGA775 Platform (45 nm)
P43 chipset / ICH10
Jmicron JMB368 (pata) ,RTL8111C (lan),ALC662 (audio)
desktop (atx)
8 Mb Flash ROM

RTL8111C PCIe GB LAN (rom version 2.27) (10EC:8168)
JMicron JMB368 PATA controller (rom version 1.07.04) (197B:2368)
Latest bios version 06.20 (dated 2010) (non-UEFI AMI)
ASUSTeK EZ Flash 2 BIOS ROM Utility v3.36 ASUSTeK O.C. Profile Utility v1.36

succesfully updated to;

Realtek PCIe GBE LAN PXE ROM v2.67 ( thanks to @Phoenix48 ) (dated 2019/10/25)
JMicron JMB36x RAID ROM v1.0.7.28 ( thanks to @Fernando )
with all latest microcodes -no new updates since 2015 for this series (as 2021/02/09) ( thanks to platomav for the github repo)
ASUSTeK EZ Flash 2 BIOS ROM Utility v4.24 ASUSTeK O.C. Profile Utility v2.24 (thanks to @Phoenix48 )

(Microcode and Realtek updates are all good.Jmicron and Ez Flash updates has been removed due to instability)
notes: MMTool v3.26 has corrupted the file
MMTool v3.22_1B_21Fix-BKMOD was succesfull
MMTool Aptio 4.50.0023 not for this bios
MMTool Aptio 5.02.0024 Mod not for this bios
AMIBCP 4.55.0070 not for this bios
AMIBCP 5.02.0031 not for this bios
CBROM archive - all versions (you don't need them)
Online Hex Editor
MCExtractor for microcodes.see cpuids,platform numbers and check if they are up to date
Jmicron Rom Update Tool v1.19 (discontinued)

If something goes wrong,EZ Flash 2 is not working,power loss during update or if you just want to use Afudos;
create a bootable usb using Rufus in Fat32 format (8bg or less cap)
download Afudos (v2.29es) and place in it with the bios file (rename it to p5qlse)
execute command: afudos/ip5qlse.rom /pbnc /n

/n - don't check ROM ID
/pbnc -
b - Program Boot Block
n - Program NVRAM
c - Destroy System CMOS

How to update the CPU microcodes on a non-UEFI Award/Phoenix BIOS guide or use cpu patch tab
AMI (non-UEFI) BIOS Modding