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Full Version: Supermicro X8SIL
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I wanted to add Core i7 and Core i5 support to this mobo.

I've attached 3 files.
1) orig. X8SIL biod
2.) Asus P7F-X bios with the same chipset and support
3.) my tried mod which doesn't work :-( the bios always told me that the cpu is not supported - i can press F1 and then is everything fine but the message is very anoying and the orig. bios told me the same tested with Core i7-860


Oh im not sure now as what i would have done you have already attempted.

Will do some more thinking Tongue

mhm any idea what this could be? Is here an additional check in the bios?
Not sure , as i mentioned all I was going to do was take microcode out of one and put it in the other. This isnt an AMI bios so theres no further CPU related modules in the bios
This is an AMI bios.
My mistake , i meant to type AMD Tongue. Bioses which use AMD processors need microcode updates and also AGESA library updates. The AGESA is integrated tightly in an AMI bios but not in an Award bios. I know this is completely irrelevant because this bios uses intel CPU's but this doesnt look good im afraid Sad
mhm OK - would be nice if you've any idea
With AMIBCP i found the relvant strings which are shown to me. They are at token 0x04A2 AND 0x04A1. The Asus Bios doesn't even have these strings. It it possible to remove the functions?
I think these are merely text strings. For example i could replace this with anything like "Bios Modded By 1234s282 At" and it would show that when an unsupported CPU was inserted instead. Changing the text doesnt add support Sad

Sorry for my last reply it was very unclear. What i meant is. If we know the strings and their tokens shouldn't we Be able to find the functions who calls/use them? And then change / remoce this function? What about replacing the 1b module with the one from Asus?
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