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Full Version: epox Ep af570 ultra + proccesor support
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buenoo, mejor en espaƱol jajaj. Sobre la bios, es la que ocupo actualmente.
Bueno, entonces Ud. tiene razon la bios y hasta compras un CPU no necesitas un mejorar. You recomendo un Phenom II 95W, como el 925.

For our Enlish readers Tongue: No update is neccesary until you buy the CPU and we sese how it runs. I recommend a 95W phenom ii

Gracias (Thanks),

Thanks for all, I will try to see how it runs the phenom II, for now I don't have any money xD!, so I'll try with a phenom I, and again, thanks very much for your answers Smile
Wait lol, u have a phenom i and didnt tell us? The phenom i one should definitely be working, is it not posting?
i try to buy a phenom 1 is more cheap than phenom 2 and then try to buy phenom 2 here in chile is to expensive the processor
Oh gotcha, yeah phenom i will run without any BIOS update.
meen a last question a athlon II processor can support with some update bios ?
Does this motherboard support Phenom X4 or Phenom II X4 Processors?
Can I have some bios update?
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