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Full Version: Phenom/Phenom II Support on Shuttle SN68PTG5
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Hello there !
I'm looking for a modified Bios for my Shuttle XPC SN68PTG5 to accept Phenom and/or Phenom II processors. The FN68PT Board is a Socket AM2 board and the highest wattage Processor listed in the official documentation is 89 W TDP, so it should be able to handle at least the 95 W TDP Phenoms, without stressing it too much.
I also checked for other Motherboard Manufactuers which have Nvidia 7050/7025 based AM2 Motherboards running AM2+/AM3 Phenom /II Processors and they do have listed some... :-)

The latest Award Bios SN68SP0P.BIN for the Shuttle can be found here:

Two other Award Bios Versions from other Manufacturers AM2 7025 Motherboards that support AM2+/AM3 Phenoms /II and might be used as donor Bios can be found here:

Gigabyte GA-M68M-S2 Bios F2

ABit A-N68SV Bios M713E15

And maybe a little Slic 2.1 Update wouldn't be soo bad either, preferrably HP... ;-)
I have a SN68PTG5 Bios with updated Slic but not yet tested and of course without AM2+/AM3 Support...

Thanks in advance for any help

Regards Thilo

P.S.: btw does anybody know, why I can't activate the Multiplier for my Athlon x2 5000+ Black Ed. in the Shuttle Bios ? Whatever I've chosen in the Bios, CPU-Z says Multiplier 13... Undecided
Hey T_Rex,

I'm looking into this still, meanwhile do you have a spare BIOS chip or form of BIOS recovery?

Hey TheWiz,

not yet, but it shouldn't be a problem, to get a spare Bios chip, if it's needed and other recoveries fail... ;-)

Regards T.
Hello again...

Hmmmm.... seems to be not too easy, to mod the Shuttle BIOS ?!
Could you please give me a little update, if there is any hope of getting this solved ?

Regards T.
Hey Thilo,

Unfortunatly your BIOS image is not using the newer standard that incorporates MEMINIT.BIN, which is why I haven't had much luck upgrading it. In order to be successful I'm guessing we'd have to get a spare chip and start flashing the stock images from gigabyte and ABIT that have the support.

Thanks for reminding me as well, its been a busy month.