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Full Version: ECS 945GT-GN
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This is not a mod request (yet), but a support query.

This uBTX motherboard was used in some Gateway and Micron PCs.
There is no info on the ECS website on it, but I've tracked some down.

Gateway sold systems with this motherboard with
E4300 cpuid 06F2h stepping L2
E6320 cpuid 06F6h stepping B2
E6340 cpuid 06F6H stepping B2
The latest BIOS on their site ("GTGN109") is here:

Micron is out of business, but a user created site has these BIOSes
Both "GTGN112" and "MPCGN114" seem applicable.

Can someone see if there is support for Allendale 'M0' stepping 06FDh?
An Intel PCN says the L2 to M0 stepping change requires a BIOS update.

Of particular interest to me is the Celeron E1200, but CPUID 06FDh includes all the Allendale E1xxx, E2xxx, and later E4xxx 'M0' parts.


PS I'd also be interested if any of these BIOS also support the single core "Conroe-L" Celeron 450 cpu - CPUID 10661H stepping 'A1'
Welcome to the forums plugh,

I analyzed the GTGN109 BIOS image and indeed you do have support for both M0 stepping and the Cconroe 661 steeping in the original gateway image.

Here's the microcode in your BIOS:
[Image: ECS945-GTGN109%20Microcode.PNG]

Thanks again

FWIW, I've dabbled in BIOS modding before, but not in the CPU support / microcode area. (Custom device roms, enabling hidden options, splash screens, that sort of stuff.)

For my future reference, what tool(s) did you use to produce that table?
Why are there multiple entries for some cpuids (06F0, 06F5) in the table?

CBROM version 1.96 available on our Downloads page.