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Full Version: athlon64 mobile 3400+ Newark support upgrade on hp zv5235ea
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In first place let me congratulate you for this great website and all of your knowledge that are helpping many people like me.
well i have an hp pavilion zv5000 series that i bought a few years ago with a AMD Mobile Athlon 64 3000+ Clawhammer 130nm Socket 754 AMN3000BIX5AR.
One of these days i bought on ebay an Mobile Athlon 64 3400+ newwark 90nm AMN3400BKX5BU Socket 754.
As a result of my inexperience, only after that i realised that this cpu isn´t supported by the motherboard. I´ve made a search and everybody says that is because of the manufacturing process diference between 130 and 90 nm.

My question is, can we make a mod in the bios so it recognise the new cpu or there are fysical issues that make it impossible?

my laptop specs:

Laptop name: Hewlett-Packard zv5235ea
Motherboard Manufacturer: Compal
Model: 08A0

- Bios revision: F.35
- Bios Type : Phoenix
- Bios SLIC : N/A
- Bios Link =

New processor:
Mobile Athlon 64 3400+ AMN3400BKX5BU

many thanks
Sorry this has taken so long to reply to - must have missed it!

could you please post a bios download link to another phoenix bios from a similar model which supports the 3400+

hi, thanks for your interest.

I´ve found this Epox EP-8KDA3+ PRO motherboard with the folowing specs,

i think they are quite similar. and here´s the link for the bios download

i´ve done the download and althoug in the specs they say it´s an Award/Phoenix BIOS v6.0, i couldn´t open it in phoenix bios editor because it´s a bin file.
I´ve found this other motherboard Gigabyte GA-K8VM800M, but the chipset is a VIA K8M800 and althoug it has an exclusive phoenix bios, i couldn´t also open it in phoenix bios editor.

i´m still looking for other options and in the meanwhile if i found something i´ll let you know.
Hope this is usefull

Many thanks


try opening with modbin.. at least these BIOSes are still Award-ones...
Pmjaneiro did you get this to work? I also have a HP pavilion zv5000 series (zv5410us) with the same original CPU (AMD Mobile Athlon 64 3000+ Clawhammer) and I want to upgrade it to a Mobile Athlon 64 4000+ Newark 90nm, AMN4000BKX5BU.

Anyone else have suggestions?
I was able to get my K8V SE Deluxe to work with a 3700+ Mobile Clawhammer. It originally would not post unless the CMOS was cleared and then would be stuck at 800Mhz and 1.1v for the lowest pstate. Any saves or changes to the bios trying to alter ANYTHING would then keep it from posting again until you reset the CMOS. I finally tried enabling CnQ in the BIOS and then the chip worked beautifully. It now boots at runs at full speed without any issues. It may be as simple as having the most up to date BIOS for your board and ensuring CnQ is enabled.
Hello ! I'm a noob at BIOS modding, and, just 2 minutes ago, I've tried to change my XP CPU on my Compal 08A0 motherboard. The socket of the motherboard, the old and the new CPU is 754. I've changed it, and when I tried to boot, it said "Warning! This motherboard does not support 82W CPU!". It's horrible. I've changed to a Athlon 64 2400+ I think (1.8Ghz). I think it's a BIOS problem. Can you help me ? I would be very happy to have 64 bits CPU on my computer.