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Full Version: Q6600 on 671M01-SKSH
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Hey all. I have an Acer Aspire M1600 which now has an Intel Pentium D 925 @ 3.0 Ghz. This CPU has an FSB of 800Mhz.

The problem is my computer has this motherboard: 671M01-SKSH
But then the OEM-acer version. So I can't change my FSB in the bios.

I already looked at this site and they do have a modded bios version.
But the link has expired. I am hoping they will repost the bios.

Mean while, do you guys think that if I put a q6600 in my motherboard which has a FSB of 1066MHz it will work?

Do you think the motherboard will automatically change it's FSB when you place the q6600 in it? Or do I really need a modded bios to change it my self?
wait , the cpu has a fsb of 1066 or the motherboard?

If the motherboard does and the cpu does then the motherbaord will run it at 1066mhz

If the cpu does but the motherboard doesnt the motherbaord will run it at the fastest FSB it can

The CPU has a FSB of 1066 and the motherboard is 800 limited due to the OEM-BIOS.

But the same non-OEM motherboard is capable of running at 1066/1333 if overclocked.