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Full Version: Pegatron M2N68-LA/HP Narra3-GL8E: CPU Upgrade
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I got the same mobo - Asus M2N68-LA (Narra3) with QuadCore AMD Phenom X4 9600. I would like to do OC, but in BIOS everything is block...I check BIOS with EVERLAST and it shows Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG - version 5.13...I belive that I can't do anything with thta or maybe not...If I can't do OC maybe I'm able to chcace CPU for more powerfull?!
Please send me the spec sheet on HP support site, and the BIOS link for downlaod.

That is the spec sheet from HP support site:
That is the mobo spec from HP support site:
BIOS was there:
but now is gone...
I put a topic on HP Forum about changing CPU on this mobo, but no help:
And the worst is, that HP wrote to me when I ask them as I found that probably I can't do OC on my mobo:
"Further, as we have not tested any processor other than mentioned above, so we cannot comment on the compatibility and functionality of the other processors. However, you may try installing the processor. I suggest you to contact any computer store or HP authorized service provider and check if AMD Phenom II X4 945 QUAD CORE processor will work fine with your computer. They will be in better position to help you in this regard.
I apologize as I am unable to help you completely."
Thats because to put it blandly, HP is HORRID! they used to be the best, now they can't even make a decent desktop that doesn't get recalled. Anyways, here's the rule of thumb. Because you can run Phenom I, the board will natively boot Phenom IIs. It may say Unknown CPU during the POST and in CPUID, but it will set all the settings right. This is for regular PhenomIIs though. The 945 draws more than 95watts, so you may run into some big issues there because it will throw the cpu down into compatability mode with a 4x multiplier. So, if you do the upgrade, a stock 925 should work OK. as for overclocking, I need to get the bios, and then at least I could try to add the strings to avoid the unknown CPU issue.

How can I take the BIOS file from the PC - is it possibile or not?! Or do I have to look in the www??
There are several ways to make a copy of your current bios. The easiest way would be to download winflash and ask it to make a backup image of your bios. NEVER use winflash to flash, only to backup.

OK, I will do it when I will be in home and do the upload, now I'm away during the Easter. Till then, Happy Holiday.
(04-02-2010, 02:45 PM)Deacon_Frost Wrote: [ -> ]OK, I will do it when I will be in home and do the upload, now I'm away during the Easter. Till then, Happy Holiday.

Hi, as I told I upload my current BIOS as U ask by WinFlash, I hope that it will help U and U can do something with it (like unlock to do OC or prepare to change CPU to Phenom II)
Waiting for relpy and THX in advice.
Is there any progres with my BIOS??
THX for reply.
Well, the usual HP crappy interface was there, so there is nothing in the way of overclocking (unless you have a spare bios chip and test retail bioses)

As for the Phenom II microcode, I will have itready soon.

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