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Full Version: ThinkCentr​e M57 (MT-M 6395 - A79) problem with CPU upgrade.
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Recently, I got myself a new Intel C2D E7500 2.93Ghz cpu to upgrade my M57. After Bios update to the latest version (54KT23A) and installed the new CPU. I received an error msg "167 no processor bios update found" during bios boot post. I have searched google and yahoo for more information about this error msg. It turns out that nothing can resolve the problem. Does anyone got the similar problem and able to resolve it? Please advise.

Here are the details of the ThinkCentre:

Model : M57 (MT-M 6395 - A79)
Bios version: 54KT23A (latest version) =>
CPU : Core 2 Duo Proc E4500 => Here is the list of official CPU support. =>
Harddisk: 160GB
O/S : Ms Vista

To troubleshoot processor issues, follow these steps and test the processor after performing each one:


* If either the system board or processor have been replaced, reflash the BIOS to the latest level before proceeding.

* Some computers allow the fan to stop spinning. This is not a malfunction. The fan should start spinning as the system heats up.

1. Ensure the latest BIOS code is installed. This will correct any 167 POST errors for the Intel microcode update and "176 No Processor CPUID" post errors.

2. Reseat the processor and the heat sink

Note: Do not touch either the processor or system board contacting surfaces. These can be extremely fragile and bent pin damage due to touching is not covered under warranty.

3. Verify the processor fan operation is not blocked by cables or other hardware.

4. Verify that any replacement processor is the correct architecture for the system.

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