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Full Version: i modded my AMI BIOS, can anyone confirm if i did it right?
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i modified the text strings section, because there were ALOT of typos.

and i unlocked everything, and made everything editable by user.

i updated my model string. and i made a gateway oem logo in photoshop.

the ONLY thing i'm missing is the AVX & AES instruction sets.

and including, cpu patches for i7 and i5.

does anyone have a link for the CPU Patches or Instruction Sets?

and can someone verify that it works, like open it in a program, not flash. i don't want anyone getting bricked from my N00b Mistakes.

download link for Gateway DX4831 P01.B1 BIOS.
i mean, the LEAST you guys could do, is tell me a yes or no, and not ignore me.
Download link is taking too long to load..... try using a different website to upload your file
So I downloaded and attached it here for you marcus...
This mirror is way faster! Wink
Upon loading it in AMIBCP v3.46 when I scroll down the DMI tables it stops responding and I have to close down AMIBCP, this is the first time that AMIBCP has run into this error for me and it does it everytime I open your bios and look at the DMI Tables and strings, every other bios I open AMIBCP with doesn't make it stop responding but upon opening yours it stops responding_

I suppose best you can do is Flash your modded bios and use the recovery procedure if it fails to post, just don't flash the boot block_

in your bios upon opening it with Hex editor_ I located

AMIJPG JPG.AMIBOOT ROM which seems to be the Bios file it looks for upon Recovery Procedures

SO rename your bios to AMIJPG.ROM

Its sorta odd but just thought I'll put that in there just in case you do flash it and need to recover

Most AMI Bios recovery looks for AMIBOOT.ROM but some bios actually looks for a different name from personal experience according to what you find in the BIOS when opening with Hex Editor_
If you give us the exact type of your PC and maybe a working link to an official unmodified BIOS we can have a look and verify the facts and diff the both BIOSes to ensure your mods.
well here is the bios i dumped long ago from my bios.

and AMIBCP stops responding at the end of file in the DMI section for me.

there were alot of missing spaces and a few misspelt words in the strings section, do you think fixing it would mess it up?
and what about the exact type of your computer/mainboard and what about a BIOS from the manufacturer?
this IS the bios from the manufacturer. i just modded them.

my exact computer? like model number?

it's a Gateway DX4831-01e

the chipset is Intel H57.

the CPU is Intel i3 Clarkdale.