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Full Version: Toshiba X205-S9359 v2.70
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-Manufacturer: Toshiba
-Motherboard Model: ISRAA
-Bios revision: V2.70
-Bios Type: Phoenix
-Bios Download Link:
-RW Everything Report Download Link:

Anything you can unlock would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi brandonboy,

We made a mistake with the posting on this BIOS, there ARE hidden options, the biggest one being multiplier adjustment option.

That's great! Is there anything else you need from me to finish the unlocked BIOS?

Thanks for your help.

Heres your mod and a picture of the new advanced section with unlocked Frequency Ratio Smile Try this at your own risk!

[Image: Toshiba%20X205%20v2.70%20Frequency%20Ratio.png]

Thanks. I tried burning the image to a disc to flash the new bios, but it won't let me boot from the disc. I'm thinking that it can't see the drive during initial boot since I often have trouble with it anyway. Can you instead have the new bios as a .bin that I can flash with WinPhlash as in the BIOS Update tutorial?

Thanks again.

Hey Brandon,

Winpflash will flash it even if it is a ROM or WPH (you can rename to .bin if so desired). Alternatively you can also try to make the disc on a bootable USB.

I've been poking around, and made some progress.

I used UltraISO9 to extract the rom file from the ISO that 1234s282 provided (that's what I was trying to ask for in my last post; sorry for not being more clear) and included it on a bootable USB drive following this tutorial

with the Phoenix flashing utility here

I was able to boot from the USB drive and run the utility, calling the rom

C:\>PH1614 sraa270a.rom

The utility ran, loaded the rom with three beeps as it marched to 100%, and then sat there. It would not move to the next step (which I'm now failing to remember; the next next step was to backup the current BIOS), and I waited five minutes to make sure that it was not finishing in the background. It did not give me an error. I was able to hit the power button to shut down and restart without problems (*whew).
Any ideas on why it would not move? If it had given me an error message, I could track down the issue; but I can't tell what it's doing or not.

Thanks again for both of your help.

Please try using this PFLASH:

Using that PHLASH16, I was able to successfully flash the modded rom.
However, the unlocked Frequency Ratio was not available. The mod was successful in that it now shows me what the passwords are for User Password Is:/Supervisor Password Is:, which was not there in the original BIOS. Everything else in 1234s282's screenshot is identical except for the Freq. Ratio.

With the Phoenix BIOS Editor, I confirmed that the Frequency Ratio was supposed to be a supported option. I then dug through the modded bios, and under BIOS Configuration Parameters, the POST section, there is an option to "Display OEM Sign-On." Might it be that the Freq. Ratio is still hidden unless the bios are accessed by an authorized professional? Curious. I couldn't find anything else in the BIOS Editor that would explain why Frequency Ratio was still hidden.

If we can't figure out how to modify the Freq. Ratio, that's ok. I was curious to see what was possible, and I've already learned a lot in the process.

Thanks for everything.

Hi Brandon

The OEM Sign-On is basically the POST Message printed at the top so it shouldnt hide any options . Really odd that everything else showed up except the frequency ratio although if i was to have an intelligent guess it could be that you have a cpu which isnt an Intel Extreme or AMD Black Edition chip therefore you have a locked CPU multiplier and the BIOS detects that and tehrefore doesnt show the option because you wouldnt be ablet o chagne it anyway. Still working with this theory if you DID have an Extreme or Black Edition chip which had an unlocked multipler then im guessing the Frequency Ratio option would appear in the BIOS to let you change the CPU multiplier (because it wouldnt be locked!)

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