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Full Version: Dell Studio 1555 cpu support request
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Dear Experts for bios modding,

is it possible to get cpu support into the bios of a dell studio 1555 for the t7700 processor with g0 stepping.
The notebook brings the boring message No Microcode Update Loaded for Booting Processor.

The bios file is under .

Many thanks in advance
The microcode ID is 06FB for the G0 Stepping T7700 but i cant find the microcode in your bios Sad
I'm might be able to help. The modified BIOS will be available in a couple of hours.
This is modified BIOS image for Dell Studio 1555 for T7700 Stepping G0 support.
(MD5: 8A3D27AE1349EBA4C2EA8448292A23B7)
- Microcode Update release date: 3 October 2010
- CPUID: 06FBh
- Revision: BA

Use at your own risk.

Good luck. Smile
I know this is an old thread but I am in search of a similar bios upgrade.

I have a Dell Studio 1555 and I just upgraded to a T7800 processor from a T6600 and I too am getting the "No Microcode Update Loaded for Booting Processor" message on startup. I have a Dell bios A13 which is the latest bios. Is there any way someone might be able to mod this bios to include support for my new processor?