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Full Version: Please Help with GA-EP55A-UD4P
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This is my first post on this board so I qould like to say Hello to eweryone.

Some time ago I have received in echange for something else this mainboard - Gigabyte GA-EP55A-UD4P. It is a bit different then the production model, and I can't upgrade to official gigabyte bios.
On every power-on / restart bios shows "CPUID:000106E5 Patch ID:00000001"
I wanted to Overclock my i5 750 but I can't change the bclk value - it changes in bios, but after startup it changes back to default. Is it possible that changing CPU microcodes will solve my problems?

Here is my E21 bios:

Here is the bios with new cpu support:

This mainboard has dual bios, so feel free to experiment Smile
Thanks in advance

This doesnt look like a microcode-related problem as your CPU is identified correctly and the correct microcode is present in the bios

Thanks very much for the reply, do you think it is possible to change the bclk someway?
Hello once again, I have decided to use this board with a i3 540, unfortunatly it doesn't want to start, just a series of beeps from the speaker. Do you think it would be possible to add cpu list from newer bios?
Thanks for your help.