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Full Version: acer t180 RO1-C0 slic2-1
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tried & tested works 100% have windows 7 on ur acer T180>> acer t180 RO1-C0 slic2-1 <<
this is NOT the unlocked acer T180 bios mod this is the latest stock bios from acer site modded with slic 2-1
IMPORTANT- before attempting to flash this machine you MUST disable "boot block protect" in bios , very last entry so scroll down, otherwise ur machine will not boot and will hang on the "verifying DMI pool" screen.
thought id throw in all latest drivers for this computer (stock) chipset ect as of 2-18-2011 using driver genius pro database
Hi, I'm new here but could someone please post an updated link to the original T180 RO1-C0 bios with SLIC 2.1? I just want the original bios modded with the SLIC 2.1, not the one with overclocking options. Thanks