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Hey all,

i´m using a Asus P6t WS Professional Board with BIOS 1205. There is a Intel XEON X5570 ES 2,93 GHz, Revision B0 installed.
When i installed the CPU, the Board wouldnt start. After some BIOS Resets i could set the CPU Parameters by hand and it startet, but it takes about 23 seconds from switching on the power to first beep from pc, and then BIOS screen and windows screen is starting normal.
When i want to set the CPU parameters in the normal Processor Menu, BIOS hangs up an i have to make a BIOS reset...
My question: is there a Bios which can use this CPU? Revision B0 is officially not supportet by this BIOS Version - ASUS gave no answer about my question.

I hope that anoyone may help me.


PS Sorry if there are some wrong written words... i do use english maybe once or twice a year. Smile
I dont believe this is possible because you have an engineering sample cpu. The B0 must have a different microcode file than the D0 revision (which the board officially supports) and because its an engineering sample there wont be any retail boards out there containing the right microcode for us to extract it out of.

Will have a look around and post back if i find anything