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Full Version: MSI K9ND CPU support upgrade
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I've got a Speedster 1 that doesn't seem to recognize 2384 processors properly. It's clocking them at 2.17G and isn't behaving quite right.

Reality is I probably just need to buy a new board...But I figured I'd give this a shot.

The Tyan S2915 appears to have the same type of BIOS and chipset and supports the CPU I want to use...

The MSI board I have is the K9ND with V2.20 BIOS...

Hopefully this can be done.

Okay...I'll start with this....I'm somewhat technically proficient...And have MANY years of PC experience...But hacking up a BIOS is new to me.

My primitive understanding of my issue is simply the BIOS not recognizing and knowing what to do with the new 2384 CPUs. My primitive understanding also says that this is due to the AGESA code in the current BIOS.

In the above referenced BIOS files, the MSI is using AGESA 3.1.7 and the Tyan is using 3.3.0 as confirmed by a quick scan through the BIOS with a HEX editor.

Sooo...I've got a HEX editor...I've got the Phoenix BIOS editor....And I've pulled out the contents of each BIOS and saved into their own directory (so now I have all the modules for each BIOS seperately).

Both the Tyan and the MSI BIOS have the "AMD!GESA" code in the BIOSCOD1 (or 01 for the Tyan) location.

Is this potentially as simple as swapping out that BIOSCOD file, recompiling and then flashing? Seems too easy and I'm sure I'm missing something major here.