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Full Version: Sony VAIO PCV-RX540 Unlock Request...
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First I wanted to say that the modders on this forum are doing great work. Well, I know this computer is pretty ancient, but I got it for free and am currently using it as a SD HTPC, and have been slowly upgrading it as I pick up parts for cheap on eBay.

Motherboard Make/Model - ASUS TUSL-LV
Bios Version You Want Modded - 1004LV
Link To Official Bios Download -

There are a few things I was hoping for:

1) I upgraded from a Tualation based Celeron to a Pentium III SL5XL. Unfortunately the bios does not recognize the new CPU, and I have to hit F1 to bypass the error message each time I want to boot the computer (it boots successfully). It would be sweet if the BIOS could be updated to "know" this new CPU.
2) Unlock advanced options, which will hopefully contain some kind of overclocking tool Smile

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to work on this, and I am more than willing to donate for a successful hack!
Microcode i can fix , unlocking i cant , there wasnt anything Sad

try at your own risk!