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Full Version: Need some info on Upgrading HP SLIMLINE AM2 65W
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Ok, So I've been reading around a bit. The conclusion I've come to is, HP Does not supply Bios updates for they're OEM machines. I have a s3713w HP SLIMLINE that I want to upgrade the processor in. As far as I've read, I need a bios update to do so. So, I was looking at a s3600z Which allows upgrades to Phenom-9150e (A) (1.8GHz / 3600 MHz HyperTransport 3.0) AM2; 2 MB L2 + 2 MB shared L3 (65W)According to HP Web site. Both models have the same motherboard (M2N61-AR ) . I know the Phenom stated is an AM2+ chip, and I also know that people say that some AM3 chips are compatable with a bios update. Now I just want to know, that if theres another Slimline with the same motherboard, same power supply, same socket, better processor, is there anyway for me to get the bios update I need to use that processor in my machine? I just need something better than what I have in it, and wanted to pick up something fairly cheap. Thanks for any info!
You might be better just picking up a new motherboard that supports thte CPU you want and then re-using all the other components (thats what i did with my HP)