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Full Version: XFX 750a SLI - CPU Support Question
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Greetings.. First off: my apologies if this is the wrong place to post this question, I didn't see any more appropriate areas here for this query.. (and I'm new to this forum) Smile

I've had my 750a (MD-A72P-7509) for ages now, it's always been a nightmare to deal with upgrading, but once it's set up and running it just works.. Being a rather technical person by nature, that obviously doesn't really bother me.

Now, I have seen many examples online (both forums and board reviews) where people have successfully run lower range Phenom II tri-cores and quad-cores on this board, obviously because of the supposed 95w TDP limit (some have said 125w CPUs also run fine anyway). But I cannot figure out how to get my Phenom II x3 740 BE to work...

To make things even more interesting, after successfully flashing my BIOS to 1.7 (I was on 1.6 before this) I don't actually see any difference. I didn't write down the version shown inside the BIOS before the flash, but it looks to me like it hasn't changed. So I'm not even perfectly sure whether I'm actually on 1.7 or still on 1.6... Sad

Has anybody here had some experience with this board? I can't afford to buy a new board right now, so if I can't get this to work, I think I may have wasted my money on this 740BE.. Any ideas?
Has nobody got any ideas here...?