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Full Version: IWILL DH800 and XEON Microcode
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I hope someone can help me.
My motherboard IWILL DH800 works with XEON MP 3GHz an 4MB L3. I think, because the microcode of this cpu (0F26h) is included in bios.
Now, I want to run an other XEON MP (Potomac). He works, but his performance is very poor and he doesn't start in win xp with hyperthreading. I think, because the microcode is missing.

Can someone add the microcode from supermicro bios into iwill bios? Please replace 0F36h to 0f41h in IWILL bios.
Both are AMI. Here are the bios versions:

The last line is the microcode from potomac, which should be added. This screen is from MMTool.
[Image: microcode.png]

If the mod works, i would donate on your account.