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Full Version: acer aspire 4937 CPU upgrade to intel core quad q9200
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Hi I need to modify the BIOS even supports cpu intel core extreme q9200

Please help
-Manufacturer: ACER
-Model: Aspire 4937
-Bios revision: 2.03
-Bios Type: Insyde BIOS
-Bios Link:
-Bios file: KALG0203.fd
-rw report:

ineed to :
-Intel CPU Microcode Updates to support INTEL CORE QUAD Q9200 Details here
-Unlocked ADVANCED, POWER tabs in Setup Menu
Please help , Please help ,
Please help
Unfortunately this is an Insyde bios so we are unable to do anything Sad We cant unlock hidden options yet and havent got anywhere with cpu upgrade mods on Insyde bioses