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Full Version: M4n78 SE - Newer AMD Phenom II X6 support
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Have anyone tried to update the microcodes of the BIOS of this board to support newer CPUs like AMD Phenom II X6 1075T / 1090T / 1100T ?

Best regards
Please post a BIOS Download link or attach the bios to your post and we will have a look for you!

(06-16-2011, 09:54 PM)1234s282 Wrote: [ -> ]Please post a BIOS Download link or attach the bios to your post and we will have a look for you!


It is the BIOS.

Only to inform, I have found a motherboard that have the very same chipset of M4n78 SE, and also have support of all Phenon II X6.

Take a look at here:

The latest BIOS of M3N78D is here:
Hi chantak741,

Do you have a non-exe download link for the M3N78D, the zip doesn't include the bios file, just an EXE for DOS usage.


It seems to be the ROM version...

But I am not sure.

Here, I tried to extract the microcodes from another BIOS from an Asus mobo that also have the support for
all Phenon II X6, but not the same chipset, so, I am not sure if it is a good idea.

If you want, I can send you the other BIOS.

Best regards.
Hi The Wiz,

If you point me what to do, I think I can mod my own BIOS to support newer CPUs. I have some experience with asm x86, IDA pro.

My only problem here seems to be only with unpack the Asus BIOS.

I also could share my experience whit the BIOS when I get my new Phenon II X6 1100T.

Forget my last post. I get the job done here, I finally found a way to extract the bios. But, I found really weird results. I compared the microcodes from these 2 BIOS, M4N72-E-2201 and M4N78-ASUS-SE-1401. What is strange is that M4N72-E-2201 already support all Phenom II series, but its microcodes file is equal to M4N78-ASUS-SE-1401.

The problem is that it is said that M4N78-ASUS-SE-1401 only support the CPU Phenom II 1055T!

This make me guess that if the microcodes of both BIOS are equal, so, M4N78-ASUS-SE-1401 already have support for all Phenom II series, or, microcodes have nothing to give support for CPU models. Huh