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Full Version: Does this BIOS support Dual core?
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I'm rather clueless when it comes to computers so I'd like some verification on this before I go and blow $40 on a dual core proc

My mobo is an Asus A8N-LA Nagami2-GL8E, the computer and the bios is roughly 6 years old, computer specs at

current processor is amd athlon 64 4000+

I'm looking to upgrade to a amd athlon 64 x2 3800+ (i need this to run SC2 =D)
both are socket 939

will my bios be able to utilize both cores?
OS is windows 7 ult, otherwise computer is unmodified
thanks for reading

also when i go to BIOS > ADVANCED it shows the cpu variable greyed out (i can't modify it). does this simply mean the BIOS does not support overclocking? How could I get the BIOS to allow cpu variable changes?
Unfortunately there are no advanced settings to unlock in this BIOS. The CPU variables that you mentioned are just readouts ie. not editable.

However You will be extremely pleased to hear that this upgrade will definately work!

Both CPU's have a TDP of 89W , they are both Socket 939 too.

In terms of the BIOS utilizing both cores it doesnt matter if it cant because once Windows boots then Windows will utilize the cores. Your aim here is to get the BIOS to POSt and identify the CPU correctly which is what the microcode is for!

Basically, the HP Media Center a1520n is based on the same Chipset (Geforce 6150LE) and comes installed default with an Athlon X2 3800+ Big Grin and it uses the same motherboard and bios as your machine.

Just take the old CPU out , put the new one in and you should be good to go Smile

Good Luck!

You should also be able to go and fit a 4200+ (bit faster but same TDP) if you can get your hands on one)