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Full Version: Acer Aspire 5920G Microcode Update
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Is it possible to update the microcode in the Aspire 5920G BIOS?
I just want it upgraded! Maybe I'll put an Intel Core 2 Extreme X9000 in this machine....

This is the BIOS: [attachment=2158]

Thanks! I'll do a donation if all works well! Wink
Chances are you can just drop it in! The X9000 requires the PM965/GM965 chipset which your model has! (PM965)

Just grab the latest available bios and put it in and see what happens.

If it doesnt work then we will look at adding microcode but Acer have never been known to place microcode limits in their bioses to stop cpu support. The Aspire 3680 for example came with an old slow celeron but you can put a T5750 Core 2 Duo in it without any modding.